Custom Boost Ranges for Social Proof Counts

We just launched the ability to specify custom boost ranges.

What is the Boost Feature?

In case you don’t already know Banana Stand has the ability to “boost” your viewership, order and add to cart counts to help get you new stores off to a good start. This makes it look like more people are shopping on the site and increases your conversion rate.

Can customers detect Boosted numbers?

Absolutely not. It’s important to realize that boosted numbers are still naturally counted up and down over time and they still increase/decrease based on current viewer/order/cart counts!

What are Custom Boost ranges?

When the Boost feature is enabled it uses a random seed for each of your products to start your counts at. Before this feature was created you were limited to the default randomization ranges. They were between 3 and 25 for views, 2 and 15 for add to carts and 2 and 10 for orders.

However with this new feature you can now specify what you want your seeds to start at within a random range. For example, if you want your viewership counts to always start at a random number between 100 and 150, then set the minimum to 100 and set the maximum to 150 and voila – there you go!

Where do I set Boosting?

Boosting is set in the campaign edit screen from within the Banana Stand social proof/urgency platform.

4 New Social Proof Options Available

We’ve added 4 new options that you can configure for your social proof notifications out of the box (without custom coding).

Within the Edit Campaign section → Social Proof Notifications → General, there are two new options:

Show Name Whenever Possible

If yes then the system will use the customer’s first name whenever possible (such as when the customer is logged in or provided their name with their order). If your store values anonymity then you might want to turn this feature off.

Default: YES

Show For How Long?

How many seconds should each notification show for? For example, if you entered “5” and there are 2 social proof notifications to show to the user, then the total display time will be 10 seconds (before going back to the default display).

Default: 5 seconds.

Custom Lookback Periods

Within Edit Campaign section → Social Proof Notifications → Recently Bought and Edit Campaign section → Social Proof Notifications → Add to Cart, we added the ability to set a custom lookback periods. That is, you can now decide how far back to show customer’s social proof. For example, if you set the Add to Cart social proof lookback period to 15 minutes then only customers that started checking out with products within the last 15 minutes will be be shown.

Default: 24 hours for orders and 3 hours for add to carts.

As usual, Banana Stand is completely customizable via the HTML templates and CSS access you get (plus our robust API). The possibilities are endless!

7 Languages Out-of-the-box: Including German, Spanish & Portuguese

Good news global peeps!

Banana Stand now comes pre-packaged with 7 different languages:

  1. English 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧
  2. German 🇩🇪
  3. Spanish 🇪🇸🇲🇽
  4. French 🇫🇷🇨🇦
  5. Indonesian 🇮🇩
  6. Norwegian 🇳🇴
  7. Portuguese 🇧🇷🇵🇹

Here’s how the new on-boarding flow works:

Onboarding flow when the language is detected as Spanish.

After you install the app it should automatically detect your store’s primary language, however if it for some reason does not you can find the setting in the Manage Store → Settings area as shown here:

Where to change the default template language setting in Banana Stand.
Where to change the default template language setting in Banana Stand.

Dashboard Now Shows Live Shoppers

The Banana Stand dashboard now contains a LIVE view of customers that are currently shopping at your store.

The new widget shows you:

  1. Who they are (if they have an account)
  2. What country they’re from
  3. Where they are located approximately
  4. when they were last seen
  5. What they were doing when they were last seen (viewing a product, adding to cart or buying a product)
  6. What product they were last concerned with

Here’s a preview:


A screenshot of how the new dashboard widget looks in your Banana Stand dashboard. It shows any customers or visitors that are currently shopping on your store, where they are located, when they were last seen, what they were last seen doing and what product they were last seen interacting with.
A screenshot of how the new Current Shoppers dashboard widget looks in your Banana Stand dashboard.