Media Kit (Brand Guide)

Here you can find a collection of our logos, icons, approved colors and fonts as well as guidelines to follow when using our brand.

Use this logo whenever possible before considering using the other logo formats.

The vertical logo can be used in place of the main logo when you need the logo to fit into a square or circle.

Logo Icon

Use the logo icon whenever you don’t have enough room to use the full logo or you want to represent Banana Stand in a simple way.


Use these colors when working with the Banana Stand brand. Don’t darken or change the colours to any degree.

Banana Yellow
Only use this color for small accents, never backgrounds or large things other than our logo icon.
Snow White
Most backgrounds should be this color.
Dark Slate
Text should always be this color, including headings.
Crisp Grey
This color should be used for some (not all) backgrounds to offset having too much white on the page, or it can be used for borders on boxes or small lines to separate content.
Active Blue
This color should only be used for links and buttons. If it is being used for a button then the button caption should be the color snow white.


We use the Google Web Font Poppins for all our text.

Keep text in thin or medium font weight unless you want to emphasize something like this.

General Guidelines

  • Keep significant padding around the logo if you are putting the logo in a container.
  • Don’t use the logo on any background colors you don’t see it being used on above.
  • Keep the Banana icon upright and don’t rotate it. It is always standing up.
  • Use only approved fonts (described in typography section).
  • Thin, crisp lines are always best! Avoid using heavy bolded headings.
  • Don’t move around the Banana icon or rotate it in any way.